Training Needs Analysis

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA), sometimes called a Training Needs Assessment, is a review of
learning and development needs within an organisation. It considers the knowledge, skill, and
behaviours that your staff need and how to develop them effectively. In order to deliver
appropriate, effective, and safe training solutions which meets the needs of individuals and the
organisation, and represents value for money, a TNA is essential.

Why do a Training Needs Analysis?

The world’s fire services are in the business of saving lives! The competence of your operational personnel is the key to incident response success or failure. The competence of your personnel is directly proportional to fireground performance. Let me put this a different way…if your personnel are not adequately prepared, people could die!

Do you ever wonder if your organisation is delivering the best training for its personnel? You may wonder if your training program is compliant, aligns with best industry practice, and focusses on the right things i.e., takes your specific operational environment into consideration.

Simply put, your organisation should focus on what must be covered from a compliance perspective, as well as a thorough consideration of the operational risk and the response environment. In addition, your personnel are your greatest asset, and as such, can tell you what they want / need in relation to training requirements.

The inevitable post-incident investigation will always review the performance of individuals and teams. Firefighter performance on the fireground is the difference between operational success and failure, and when it comes to life safety, failure is not an option.

The process

The aim of our TNA process is to:

We will do this by undertaking a range of comprehensive information-gathering activities as shown in the process below:

The Results

The results of the Training Needs Analysis will guide subsequent decisions including the design, implementation, and evaluation of training projects and programs that will lead to achieving the desired results.